Seal Lock® Plus Interior Alcohol Based Primer Sealer - IL-6800


SealLock® Plus is an alcohol-based flat coating that stops bleeding on plaster, wood, metal and masonry.

It is ideal as a replacement for pigmented shellac, although it does not contain shellac. SealLock® Plus may be used as a primer for porous wallboard, plasterboard, drywall and plywood; as a sealer for “hot plaster”, patches and spots, asphalt coatings, plaster walls, wood, multicolour finishes, and metal; and as a stain blocker for creosote, asphalt, crayons, ink, redwood and cedar. Applicable for interior or exterior use. For exterior use, spot prime only. SealLock® Plus is also suitable for use as a vapour barrier [perm rating of 0.3].


  • Hides Fire and Smoke Damage
  • Blocks Tough Stains – Prevents Bleed Through
  • Superior Adhesion to Glossy Surfaces
  • Seals Porous Surfaces for a Uniform Finish
  • Provides Excellent Enamel Holdout
  • High alkali resistant – up to pH-13

Recommended For

Wallboard, Plaster Board, Drywall, Wood, Plywood, Plaster, Water Stains, High alkali resistant – up to pH-13, seals in stains caused by water, fire & smoke damage, stain blocker for creosote, asphalt, crayon, ink, wood stains and lipstick.


  • Do not apply if material, substrate or ambient temperature is below 4.4 °C (40 °F).
  • Not for immersion service.
  • Not for use with topcoats containing aromatic hydrocarbons or oxygenated solvents.

Additional Product Information

Additional product information including sell sheet and SDS / TDS

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