Coronado® MAXUM® Solid Colour Siding Stain 2000 Series


Maxum® 2000 Solid Colour Siding Stain will provide a fade resistant finish that will enhance the beauty and appearance of the wood substrate - the ideal coating for new or previously coated wood.

Maxum® 2000 is formulated with 100% Acrylic polymers, which along with the rich pigmentation, provides outstanding protection to exterior wood.


  • Solid Colour Siding Stain
  • Resistant to Extremes in Temperature, Humidity and Constant UV Exposure
  • Extremely High Hiding
  • Generous "Open Time"

Recommended For

Use on exterior new or previously stained smooth or rough siding, manufactured hardboard siding, shakes, trim, railings, fencing.


  • Do not apply when air temperature or substrate temperature is below 10 °C (50 °F).
  • Do not apply to hot surfaces.
  • When temperatures are over 32 °C (90 ºF), paint early morning or late afternoon.

Additional Product Information

Additional product information including sell sheet and SDS / TDS

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